Success Boomerang is offering one-on-one and group support for expat families who are living abrod in connection with professional assignments and family relations as well as expats and their families who repatriate back "home" and have to start a new professional and social life over again.


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During a FREE Discovery session by phone or video conference we explore if we are a good fit and whether I can work with you. I am interested only in helping you to achieve results, not in selling do-it-yourself or other informational solutions.

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I work with international clients via modern platforms for video conferences like  Skype, Zoom, and sometimes phone.

I meet clients from Southern Sweden at Ideon Science Park, central Lund or your office.

Client information is completely confidential.
Sometimes I mentor both spouses together, if requested. I also teach yoga for home practice along with and other effective tools for stress management.
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Success Boomerang offers help with:


Support at all stages of expatriation and repatriation globally 

Knowing in depth challanges of repatriation each expat family is going through, we offer tailor-made services to support international family with the best of stress management tools and independent career advice and development, relevant to expats that as a rule struggling to come back to work due to prolonged pause in career being care-givers for their families through international assignments of their partners.

Often, stress and understanding of the fact that now you have to deal with all your problems yourself, being cut off corporate expat services, hits hard all family members who are abruptly left without support when the international assignment is over and return "home" is harder than you have expected it to be.


Portable Business & Expat Spouses Career Development

We also support family members who are moving for good to a new country for family reasons, diving into unknown society and market, where your education, professional achievements are not met with understanding and you lack understanding how to transition successfully your career to a new home.

Intercultural Stress Management

As a certified Stress Management Coach with Cognitive Direction and ane expat, I coach expats on personal development from intercutural perspective. People who lived in multiple cultures and countries over numbe rof years form very specific culture: Third Culture Generation, and therefore, can hardly be helped by traditional psycologists and other specialists who frame behavoiur and give advice from own/single culture.
I work one-on-one with one partner or both helping them with prctical tools and solutions for well-balanced life and understand of specific expat stress and challenges that expat life entails. 

Info for New Clients

My clients are ambitious Expat Spouses, and Expats, who have sacrificed their careers to the success of their respective partners and success of corporate companies, and who dream of professional fulfillment, social change, a new start in life and/or of developing their own business or career.

I also work with highly educated, un-employed professionals – women and men – from any international background, who are fluent in English, and who are finding it difficult to integrate into new local markets or cultures.

I offer stress management solutions to expats who are struggling to adapt to relocation, and who wish to keep this confidential. (I do also take referrals from companies wishing to help their employees with stress. And I have spoken to corporate teams about my work.)

Our prospective clients

As a rule our clients have the same identity:

Work with me

I am very selective with whom I work. I work with a narrow clientele who are highly educated and have a diverse international background. I deliberately select to work with the limited clientele that is left without social support. Even highly professional specialists with academic background remain out of work and support due to their expat challenge that is widely open for other social groups in most of countries.
My expertise as a mentor comes from having walked this path myself, practically working with expat spouses in the areas of intercutural stress management, career development and portable business start-ups since 2012 and supporting as a consultant relocation services and organisations.

I understand deeply expat lifestyle, priorities, needs and challenges and can offer proven holistic methods for achieving results. To achieve success in work with me you must be prepared to let go of blaming your circumstances on others, complaining and holding on to negativity. You must be ready to move forward, to self-reflect, to explore, to invest your time, money and energy, to focus on possibilities, and to take responsibility for your own happiness.

Are you ready to live your life with purpose and courage again and to enjoy the journey?

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Across the globe, we, corporate expat spouses, remain misunderstood. My mission is to change the perception of expat spouses as spoiled, bored and un-satisfied. There are reasons Why expat spouses are perceived this way. I bring awareness to this social problem though my blog.
Together we can change this mindset if you dare to roll up your sleeves and work 24/7 as I do to change my life and find fulfillment!

If you are serious about stepping into your own success, make an effort to understand your life’s purpose, taking action for a new career or business, or you are driven by a higher purpose, and understand that long-lasting dependency is a trap, then you are much more than just an a following spouse!

Since 2011 I have worked with many known coaches and teachers from around the world to overcome my own career challenge in Sweden where it takes about fourteen years to find a job for a woman with a foreign Master degree, and it is not academic career that was waiting for me. As a business owner I had to learn completely new skills. I also have pre-selected those business mentors in whom I have complete confidence from both an ethical and professional perspective. Only one of my five coaches has never lived abroad, and she is a person of rare integrity and spirit. Through work with me and with support from my reliable business network I will help you to find a "shortcut": the easiest way to your own success to overcome expat challenge. 

How I work

a) I constantly see where people lose confidence or trust in themselves, or accept compromise for a smaller career or life… I notice opportunities others don’t see and I have resources for you to achieve your own success.

b) I teach my clients how to connect, engage and communicate effectively and without stress, so that they become confident, charismatic and creative in finding their own way forward and finding words for expressing the value they bring to the world.

c) I have a passion, sense and tools for my clients’ full potential. My mission is to help my clients get results and go for their wildest dreams – if it is in sync with their Life Purpose. [Usually, we accept less than we are capable of, and it doesn’t work, as it is not what we are meant to do!].
I see myself not as a classical coach, but a mentor who is 100 percent focused on your results [coaching is not result-, but process-oriented work].

I am a catalyst for change.
YOU create your life.
I help you to do it faster!


You can expect my transparency and honesty – I will tell you what I perceive – not what you want to hear. I’m direct, which can be uncomfortable but is more valuable for your success. You can also expect me to be fully committed to your success and support you through all stages of your mind and decision making process, will help you to release fears and feel strong and capable.

P.S. I never promote someone for the sake of commissions or personal benefits. Nor do I share my contacts with others for marketing purposes or similar activities. Rather, I invite trusted professionals to serve my community instead.


You can expect:


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