Corporate Social Responsibility doesn't end with your employees: all expat spouses DO sacrifise years of their lives and careers to the success of your business.

Do you care as an organisation  to exptend your support for the "Third Culture Generation" you create?


Success Boomerang is a network of individuals and organizations supporting people going through cultural transition. The well-educated partners of corporate professionals often put their own careers on hold to support their partner’s career. Global corporations benefit enormously from the supporting role of partners but often fail to acknowledge the challenges they face.


The expat spouse/partner in transition ALWAYS needs help in:

Our mission:

Success Boomerang aims to help global corporations understand their Corporate Social Responsibility in relation to families in cultural transition. To maintain stability amongst their own professional workforce companies need to understand the benefits for them in supporting in a more holistic way the following partner and other family members:

This means offering a service which covers all the areas our research has shown are needed:

The law of Boomerang means all returns back. Extended CSR creates more success.

Our services include:

How much does it cost your company replacing unhappy expat family who is not capable to go through a challenge of adaptation in a new environment? 

Through partnering with us you have no headache of frustrated expat spouses and keep your professionals happily focused on company tasks while we are taking care of expat spouse anf their challenges. We are providing no "daycare center" for spouses but consistently work with them to help in overcoming struggle of adaptation, integration in a new culture or when repatriating back home: statistically "home" for only 11% after years of life abroad.

Give a little extra back to the spouses who put their careers on hold for success of your company and sponsor Success Boomerang in giving back mission "By Expats For Expats" tailor-made mentorship program that is a fundamental of Corporate Social Responsibility: give back to those who has served you and need support. By giving a little extra we can make a BIG change in the world, as we are Expats Spouses Who Think BIG. 


Global Support for Expat Families

We offer group support projects for corporate companies, global relocations services and diplomatic clubs.
Through online training programs we are able to offer competitive price. 

Please contact Marina Malmberg for introductory meeting:

mobile +46 739 15 34 06 or contact me here