About Marina

I am an expat wife who have a Master degree, certification in Stress Management, have studied in depth business, social media and spiritual practices, spent seventeen years in "expat shoes" changing countries and cultures from Russia to Italy, then Pakistan and finally Sweden finding solutions for cross-cultural stress and challege of limiting my own career in favour of my husbands. I was successfully working in corporate world, with social project management in Russia and Pakistan; today it is called in business corporate social responsibility (CSR).

I have worked with social change since 1999, and spent over nine years struggling to find my professional place in Sweden, where I found foreign education and diverse cross-cultural experience - with an absence of a powerful social network - is a serious challenge for finding work that is matching your competence, or sometimes, any job at all. This situation is common for many international people changing countries.

If you are reading this, maybe you are, not ready to turn your bright, diverse experience into a future of house wife and give up on your BIG dream you want to live, but don't know how, where to start and how to manage the transition?

I have been building a platform for a socially conscious business since 2012, and I have shifted my focus and vision from serving locals to expats, as it is who I am and the mentality of Third Culture Generation I share.

I was fortunate to turn the pain of cross-cultural challenge into my Dream business, and I love empowering other highly educated women to find their professional purpose in life.
Success Boomerang is helping them to start living their BIG dreams, instead of playing small and feeling as they have no chance to find a job they deserve thanks to their expat lifestyle. I have found creative solutions that have helped me to fulfil my own dream, and have make this transition and after supporting expat spouses in diverse ways for years, am on a mission to empower others - even if you have been prioritising upbringing of your children above your career as a mom and was challenged by diversity of expat life to do more than taking care of the family or simply had to put your own career on hold because of your spouse international assignments turning into so called “trailer spouse”. It is never too late to start a new, bright and fulfilling life!


My Qualifications

Personal Stuff

I am a proud Mom who lives in Åkarp – a small and charming village between Lund and Malmö in southern Sweden – with my husband, our adorable daughter, and our cat. I love traveling (not strange for an expat spouse!), meeting new cultures and people, nature, animals, gardening, a warm sunny climate, meaningful conversation, music, theatre, and cooking in a relaxed atmosphere. I follow a healthy low carb/high fat diet, but every now and then enjoy real Italian pizza with a glass of good Italian wine. I stay in shape by jogging and power walking, and do yoga when I feel the need for relaxation (even spiritual practice can be an addiction!). I take riding and horse grooming lessons for my own body-mind balance. Finding an intuitive contact and energetic match with a horse makes my heart sing more than riding itself. 

Unconditional love and friendship, freedom and trust are my core values and I appreciate the company of like-minded people who dare to be themselves, are open and warm-hearted.