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Why phenomenon of an Expat Spouse is so misunderstood?

Posted by: admin Category: General

Through my presentations during different events and networking I realized that phenomenon of Expat Spouse is deeply misunderstood by society, even by expats who work in corporate organisations and have been living themselves abroad. After being asked on a number of times: "What do you need more in life, than freedom, no stress of making a living, exhausting working schedule, how can you feel unhappy?" It became clear for me that often our life partners, their management and HR of companies who send us living abroad, consider us spouses, as highly privileged women who live a luxury life without any problems. This may appear to be truth to one who has just X-number of days per year to wake up late in the morning, who has too little time to reflect about life and it's purpose. Of course, if you are busy all the time, the higher you climb on the corporate leather, the more complex and advanced tasks you solve and that lives very little time for you to reflect and put yourself into situation of the expat spouse.