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Are you concerned about your own professional career, being an expat spouse?

After years of changing countries and cultures, do you even know what you are aiming for?

I have been there myself, and I know how you feel. I changed a high-flying career for expat shoes for 18 years back… Yes, we prioritize professional growth of our partners and spouses above our own – and sacrifice personal fulfillment and professional development. Unfortunately, a rare organisation is taking seriously the situation of expat spouses and consider it as a corporate social responsibily while most of expat spouses pay a price of own career loss, in many cases forever that can lead to devistating concequences for enite expat family, children, relationshsips and lives.

But there is a way and I found it – after much trial and error – and now I can support you, by showing you a clear path to your own dignity, fulfillment, professional growth and dream career.

If coffee meetings and shopping is not satisfying you, let me guide you to finding creative and authentic solutions for your professional and personal fulfillment. Perhaps starting up your own business, becoming a social change-maker or volunteering, you are warmly welcome to our members only global community of Expats Who Think BIG  is a safe place to connect with other expat spouses. Feel home in our expat group




Do you have a BIG DREAM but you constantly underprioritise Yourself and YOUR DREAM?

No matter the size of your dream, my Success Boomerang "formula" will help you to create a shift, get confidence and unfold your brilliance.

I work with individuals and groups with proven, practical tools and strategies for professional and personal development, including communication skills, creative startup strategies for business and social enterprises. I also help expat spouses to find right volunteer service while you are in transition. I show my clients how to overcome the challenges, using social media, energy and stress management. I am passionate about empowering people who suffer from cultural misunderstandings, going through the challenge of being accepted in a new society and struggling with the challenge to express their brilliance professionally. I taolor made best solutions I know to your special situation as an expat spouse.

After overcoming many personal and professional challenges myself, I know the challenges of Expat Spouses are common and shared. We are misunderstood and we seldom fit within the ordinary boundaries of a single culture. That is why I am on a mission to help you to get clarity on your personal and professional situation and to fulfill YOUR OWN dream (not that of your partner who is putting you in the situation of the "following spouse"). Every Expat Spouse has a DREAM and a MISSION to fulfill in this life!

As a first step, I warmly welcome you to join my Free Facebook support global community for "Expats Who Think BIG", here is a link to the group where you are guaranteed to find a sense of belonging no matter where you are geographically. Feel free to post your questions – our group is closed and limited to members only, so no outsiders will see your posts and they won’t appear on your personal Facebook timeline. We are like-minded, international people who share and support each other from the heart and we feel “at home” on our “global cloud”.

You no longer face your unique situation alone. We are all expats, expat spouses, repatrieates, Third Culture Generation Adults, lovepats or just global citizens - people who lived in different cultures. Together we are strong!

Be YOURself.
Do not let your BIG dream die in the shoes of expat spouse!
YOU, YOUR experience are EXTRAordinary…

With Love and Gratitude,


Facebook Global Community Leader

"Expats Who Think BIG",
Founder/CEO Success Boomerang,
Third Culture Generation Adult,
expat who "repatriated" into a 4th culture